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World’s Largest Aspen Grove Wordless Wednesday





The world’s largest Aspen grove is supposedly in Central Colorado. Aspens grow new trees and spread throughout a region using its underground root system. So when you look at an Aspen grove, you are only seeing the individual trees above the ground. Below it is a complex organism connected to the Aspen trees in the immediate area. Pretty cool, right?

The video is of the supposed largest Aspen grove in the world. It covers a number of valley and mountain peaks in the region and was impossible for me to film all at once. (Well, unless you have a plane. Then I guess it would be easy.)

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    • says

      No. Not really. I took these pictures last spring and had them tucked in my pocket for when I really needed the promise of Spring. Buds should start appearing in about a month.

  1. says

    Well you learn something new every day Jennifer,
    I have aspen trees at the edge of our boundary too.
    You’re photos are great and I’ve now put Colorado on my list of places still to visit.
    Waving from a sunny springy Bonnie Scotland ;D
    Thanks for hosting!

  2. says

    Aspens will never look the same. Thanks!

    Oh, and I tuck spring photos away for this time of year too. I know that technically the first of spring is right around the corner, but it is so hard to believe it when the world is icy white.

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