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Truer Words Have Never Been Said Wordless Wednesday


Truer Words Have Never Been Said: A Tub and a rub will change your day.

Usually when I open a fortune cookie, I laugh at how generic the “fortune” is. But this time, I have to say, truer words have never been said.
The Jenny Evolution
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  1. After reading your fortune, I laughed until I choked. Hehe

  2. Ha! That made me giggle too. I’ve never seen a fortune quite like that one.

  3. So true! If only my son agreed.
    Happy WW!

  4. A tub and rub will change your day, especially after a hot, sweaty one! What a funny fortune! :D Happy WW!

  5. This was the perfect thing to read first thing in the morning! Glad I wasn’t holding my cup of coffee…it would have spilled everywhere!

  6. That really is original and so true; love it!

  7. Jenny, yes you are right the fortunes are usually all the same but this one put a smile on my face! Have a great day.

  8. Possibly, the best fortune cookie ever!

  9. Hello Jenny,
    I wish you a wonderful day ♥
    hugs – moni

  10. LOL! I’ve never seen a fortune like that before!

  11. Nice fortune, I think the best one I’ve seen…usually they are pretty generic. This one is so true!

  12. Is this one of those times when you can add “in bed” to the end of the fortune? ;)

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