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My Crystal Holiday Christmas Ornaments {Wordless Wednesday}

After my post about our family tradition of getting the annual Swarovski crystal star (read post here), many of you have asked that I post pictures. And what better way to post some of my ornaments than on Wordless Wednesday. These are by no means all of the ornaments but will give you all a fun taste of what is on my tree.

The next two Wednesdays are Christmas and New Year’s Day, and Wordless Wednesday will be quiet those weeks. I hope you will be spending those days with family and friends. Have a wonderful holiday and keep on visiting The Jenny Evolution for even more holiday ideas as we count down to Christmas!

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    • says

      Thanks! Every year I change the color of the ribbon to give the tree a different look. One year something opaque. The next year purple. It give it a different feel without changing the ornaments :-)

    • says

      Jennifer — I actually don’t do that. Although I probably should have when they were younger. I just took my chances. So far, we’ve only lost one ornament — and that was completely my fault!

  1. says

    What lovely ornaments! It’s a shame that in no time all these pretty decorations will be boxed up for another year before we see them again. I hate having to disassemble everything. I may leave my village up till the end of January, but the tree will come down shortly after New Year’s day. *sigh* For now, have a blessed Christmas season!

    • says

      I kind of feel the same way. But what makes them so special is that they are out for just a short while :-) How big is your village? I haven’t started collecting but I’m also tempted. I’m just afraid that once I start I won’t stop!

  2. says

    Those are so pretty. I love ornaments like those. Via your message in the email…comment. It has been so cold here too, thankfully not in single digits like ya’ll, but the 20’s and it isn’t even Winter yet. Eee! Holy frozen fingers, Batman! I am going to have to say that to the kids because they are on a “I’m Batman!” trip right now. Have a great Wednesday!

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