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Markers Wordless Wednesday


Markers I kind of wish this photo was called crayons. But at some point, my kids stopped coloring with crayons and are completely marker crazy. So now their fingers are stained blue and red. At least I can get washable markers!

The Jenny Evolution
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  1. Ahhh…makes me feel right at home. :) Great photos. Thanks for hosting!

  2. This brings back memories of the days when I was marker crazy! Thanks for hosting Jenny.

  3. Markers make the best photos; modern, artsy and fun.

  4. It’s good that they are artistic! Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  5. Our ancient mommy still likes to color but prefers pencils or crayons…totally old school. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. My older kids love markers too. My youngest has to use crayons because I am not ready to attempt to get marker or artwork off the wall.

  7. hee hee…Check out «Louis’» upcoming Friday Funnies for another take on Crayons! It’s funny!

    «Louis» has a Linky at his Wordless Wednesday. Stop by and link up! :-)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the WW Bloggers!

  8. Crayons are a lot cleaner, aren’t they? My guy’s the same though – all about the markers. And he wants to write in pen now instead of pencil. He’s only 7!

  9. My youngest gets stained fingers as well. He also loves chalk. The other night I stepped on a piece of chalk.

  10. hurray for washable markers! :) kids here still use crayons (the jumbo ones) because washable markers are a bit expensive.

  11. I’d like nothing better than to spend the day doodling with those delicious markers! What fun vibrant colours :D

  12. I have the same problem! I miss crayons.

  13. Nice shots on crayons.. :)

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here.

  14. I always preferred crayons over markers as a kid. Even now, I like color pencils better than markers. But, I do love an array of bright colors regardless of the art medium. Happy WW & have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  15. My kids never use crayons anymore either. It’s even more messy with a lefty! Happy WW and Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. yes, thank goodness for waterproof markers.

  17. I love markers … and crayons … and coloring books … and coloring outside of the lines.

  18. Girrrllll…the 18 month old has figured out how to get the entire coloring end of the marker OUT OF THE CONTAINER!!! She shows up periodically with her mustache, along with teeth, tongue and lips covered in marker color of her choice. Funny, but ugh! Thank goodness for those washable markers!

  19. Love these colours. And markers bring back warm memories of days when my kids were younger. It’s wonderful how everyday things can create interesting patterns and images.

  20. Just last night before bedtime we were debating the correct pronunciation of CRAYON!

  21. It’s kind of funny how kids evolve with that too

  22. My daughter prefers markers over crayons as well. I remember she started at an early age and it was scary LOL markers all over the wall

  23. I prefer crayons too. They will come back to them some day. :)

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