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Kia Cadenza Commercial Made Me Stop to Look

I received compensation for this post; however, all opinions are strictly mine.

My husband and I were watching television the other day. We have Tivo, which lets us speed through commercials. But when a commercial came on, instead of fast forwarding my husband said, “I love this commercial.” Say what?

It was a Kia commercial of all things. In the commercial, a woman who was ignored during high school returns as a leggy sex-bomb driving a sexy-looking Kia called the Cadenza. That’s right. I said sexy-looking Kia. Honestly, whenever I think of Kia, I don’t think of cutting edge or sexy. But watching the commercial, I actually thought to myself, “Now that’s a good looking car.”

Having young kids, my husband and I often longingly stare at beautiful cars we see on the streets. It makes me think of when we were young and carefree. I imagine jumping into the driver’s seat and opening that baby up on the highway. There’s a sense of freedom I get when I imagine myself in a sports luxury car.

Now I drive the family vehicle — an SUV covered in Cheerios and crackers. The floor in the back is covered in miscellaneous toys and mismatched shoes.┬áMy husband, on the other hand, drives a sedan. The children rarely set foot in it. Lucky guy.

Watching this commercial, I get the feeling of a luxury car that’s got style, class and power under the hood. Is the leggy brunette realistic? No. But if the Kia Cadenza could make me feel like that, just a smidgen, I’d take it!

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  1. Mayer says

    Does anyone else see the glaring contradiction in this commercial? I cannot possibly remember that girl in high school that I did not notice because I never noticed her! Stupid commercials…. I guess sex sells even if logic doesn’t.

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