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This Is Not Going to End Well Wordless Wednesday


thisisnotgoingtoendwell My husband was on the road and sent me this photo. Now who on earth said that business travel isn’t glamorous?

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  1. Thanks for hosting & God bless!

  2. Gah! Couldn’t the driver hear it bouncing around out there? I hope you husband was able to alert them to the problem.

  3. That is crazy that they couldn’t tell it was bouncing around…hopefully they got it strapped down…thanks for a great site!

  4. Yikes, I hope their suitcase stayed put. ;)

  5. No comment on your hubby taking a picture while driving! :)

    Wonder if the guy got to his destination and still had his luggage?

    • LOL. Mary, that’s what I said when I talked to him. He said he just picked up his camera and took the shot without looking and didn’t know what he had captured until he looked at his camera later.

  6. I am amazed by how many things I see poorly packed and or attached when driving. You’re right — that absolutely is not going to end well.

  7. Oh, no. Don’t drive in back of them!

  8. Oh man, when it came off, hope they noticed or somebody will be sick when they arrive to their destination

  9. Well…I hope the suitcase didn’t come off. That would be horrible! Happy WW!

  10. oh wow! Honestly, this reminds me of when we were moving from Arizona to Maine, We only had a Mustang and what could fit in, which isn’t much. Well The luggage on top of the Car came loose & on the Arizona HIGH WAY and ripped off, slammed our car wind shield. luckily it didn’t cause a car accident. but I had to run down the high way bare foot, got blisters on my feet, glass cut them, etc. was an adventure for sure!

  11. That would be terrible!

  12. Now I need to know why an SUV has a suitcase on top of the car. I feel sorry for the car behind them. Can you imagine? lol

  13. Yikes! Wonder if they still had their luggage when they got to their destination?

  14. Hi Jenny, that whole thing does not look good and looks like it is going to fall off any minute! I can’t believe you husband too took that photo! I hope they were stuck in traffic. Have a great day.

  15. HA! That is hilarious!! Good luck with that. ;)

  16. Thanks for hosting. I just found your site today. Look forwards to participating again :)

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